Which support best suits your needs?

Aluminium mounting

Your print is fixed on a 1mm thick aluminium plate. Behind this plate, two clamping bars are fixed. One at the top to support the hanging of the set and one at the bottom to separate uniformly the print from the wall. 



Dibond mounting

Your print is fixed on a 2mm thick dibond plate. The Dibond has a sandwich structure where two aluminium plates are bonded to a solid polyethylene core plate. The Dibond is lighter that aluminium but is designed to preserve rigidity and flatness.  

An aluminium frame is fixed behind the Dibond plate in order to rigidify and fix the work on your wall.



Floater frame*

The floater frame is a top-of-the-range framing that will give the impression that the work floats without attachment in its frame. All the materials used for this frame guarantee optimum preservation of your print.

Your photo print is first laminated on a 1mm aluminum plate and then fixed in the floater frame.

It has a depth of 4cm and is black colored.

The space between the print and the inside edge of the frame is 1cm.

An attachment device is fixed to the back.


caisse_americaine.png caisse_americaine_detail.png caisse_americaine_dos.png caisse_americaine_schema.png




Art Frame*

Adopted by art galleries and museums, this high-end framing will enhance your images.

Your photo print is first laminated on an acid-free cardboard or on an aluminum plate according to the format and then framed in a black wooden frame with a beveled Marie-Louise, protected from dust and put behind a glass plate.

An attachment device is fixed to the back.


cadre_d_art.png cadre_d_art_detail.png cadre_d_art_dos.png


We can produce on request acrylic prints (acrylic mounted print, acrylic print + floater frame, under acrylic print), canvas and subframes, PVC prints, foamcore prints. Do not hesitate to request a quotation, by mentioning the chosen work as well as the desired format.


* Only available in the "Art Print" version.